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Richard Pinelli

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Exercise Physiology

Lucas Porto


B.A. Exercise Science

Ben Manganaro

Crossfit Trainer


I started my weight training for middle school athletics at the age of 10, I was lucky enough to have coaches and parents that pushed me and did whatever it took to get me to the next level. At the age of 12 I had a bench press of 250lbs at a bodyweight of 155lbs. Through high school I wrestled for four years on the varsity squad in the 160, 171, 189, and 215 pound weight classes and during my freshman year our team went 29-1 and won the Pennsylvania AA State Championship. During my sophomore year in high school I suffered multiple ligament and meniscus tears in my knee and had to have it repaired by surgery. Once again thankfully I had coaches to push me as soon as they could after my surgery and after a matter of months I was squatting over 500 pounds. I ended my athletic career after high school even though I could have wrestled at the collegiate level, I decided to focus on academics and powerlifting.


Lucas has been a Personal Trainer for 5 years. He is a 2012 graduate of Warner University, with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science.  He interned with the University of South Carolina Football Program, Clemson University Olympic Sports, and Webber International University. As a collegiate basketball player, Lucas developed his passion for training athletes and desire for an exercise career path. Specializing in strength and conditioning, Lucas believes an added focus on weight training along with the development of sport enhances the overall athlete. Lucas is a Daytona Beach native who participated in the athletics program and graduated from Seabreeze High School.

Hello there my friends, my name is Ben Manganaro also known as “MANGO”. I’ve been into the sport of CrossFit since 2011. I can say that the Lord put it in my life at the perfect time. In 2009 I became a type one diabetic, I had no clue about health or fitness. I didn’t need to, I was your normal surf bum that could eat anything and put whatever in my body and be fine. Then I got punched in the head by “diabetes”. It was a real big wake up call, so I made the decision to turn my life around and that’s where I found crossfit. I’ve been in love with CrossFit since the first time I failed a movement. I never really had to work overly hard at any sports, but this one, I found myself being horrible at a lot more than I was good at.